Exhibitions and Events

CONSOLATA PRALORMO DESIGN have by now a decennial experience in the organization of events ,exhibition and many chermesse which have taken place in the Pralormo castle.
Events have been organized in other place characterized for the safeguard of the historical and artistic patrimony of the Piedmont this is a resource for the future.

Autumn 2001 “The China and the Cineserie in the sabaude mansion” in collaboration with Piedmont Region , Association Royal Building and Piedimont Environment to discovery.

Autumn2001 “Regatta of Nine Dragons“ Regatta of dragon boats on the Po river whit the support of Province of Turin.

Winter 2001 “Tribute to Margherita di Savoia“ in the Royal library of Turin.

Winter 2001 “Christmas like a King “ into the royal palace.

Spring 2002 ”The King’s table among the protocol of court and ancient vassella“ in occasion of the IV week of the culture in Royal Palace

Winter 2002 the day dedicated of the flowers ,to the floral decoration and the botany day promoted by the Mayor of Turin and from the department of Tourism of city of Turin “Discovery Sunday at Porta Palazzo“

Winter 2002 “for thread and sign: sculpture clothes by Roberto Capucci to Fashion Design“ Too be laid down in the Centenary year of International Exposure of Decorative Arts sponsor by Foundation for the book ,an exhibition in the saloon of honor in Carignano palace for celebrate the Italian creativity “Roberto Capucci: when Fashion became Art”. Exibition realized in occasion of the Biennale of Venice in1995. Stylists and designer: Kristina Ti and Sanlorenzo, Osvaldo Montalbano, Fèrula di Annalisa Cocco and Roberta Morittu, Adriana Delfino and Lucia Gatti (Cats Style), Maria Paola Pedetta and Camilla Novellis (Kappa & Spada), Rossana Dassetto and Deda Meriggi (Scarpet à Porter, Caterina Crepax and Sergio Persero, Sergio Coppetta (Intuitive) and Maria Grazia Tata (Atelier dei Marsi), Gentucca Bini and Luisa Cevese (Riedizioni), Silvia Beccaria and Carla di Fonzo, Pietra Pistoletto. Travel to Italy : the districts of the Texile and Luminex one an extraordinary created fabric benefit from Tuscany creativity.

Spring 2003 in Bruxelles,San Pietroburgo and Turin “the art of the table in Piedmont“.

Winter 2003 “what is inside the kimono“, Barolo palace an exhibition event dedicated to Japan, a private American collection of vintage kimono ,precious actual kimono ,the Japanese garden and a big space dedicated on contemporary Japan. In occasion of the event :the encircled shopping “Japan and Japanism” and “West fashion ,East fashion” in Birago di Borgaro palace ,center of Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

Winter 2004 “Lunch at Quirinale , ceremonial and scenography from the reign to Republic“. With the patronage of the Presidency of the Republic ,in the archive of the state of Turin an event on the rituality and tradition of State Luncheon from 1870 until today.
In show ,collection deriving from the Museum of Rome ,Quirinale palace ,Pitti museum, Royal Palace of Turin ,and from private collections. Besides ,a history of the custom trough historical pictures preserved in the Archives of State of the Quirinale palace .At the end , secret and recipes from cook of court Giovanni Vialardi.

Winter 2006 “Turin by candle light” in occasion of XX Olympic Winter games. To give maximum prominence to the splendid baroque architecture of the City and discovery the beautiful of the historical palaces in downtown ,five courtyards have welcomed guest and visitors in a unique atmosphere one of the kind event with candles ,twist and candelabra ,bulbs and white flowers.

March 2008 “Flower Design“ In occasion of Turin World Design Capital ,one exhibition –event dedicated to the tendencies of the sector through the installation of 4 international fame designer and the suggestions of sonorous carpet.

July 2008 Study of the cost –recovery of Domus Mercatorum and establishment of a interactive museum. Tecnocamere and Chamber of Commerce of Verona.

October 2008 “the kitchens of Royal Palace in Turin“ For the inauguration of a new run of visit, after 18 months of renovation , Consolata Pralormo Design has created the graphic project,the lines of the objects for the bookshop and Worked with the construction of scenery.

March 26 –June 2011 “Cavour Genius seductive Gourmet“.In occasion of the celebration of 150 from the unification of Italy ,,an event to recalled the Risorgimento atmosphere in Cavour palace ,located in Turin a grate statesman transforming the visitor himself in the guests of a big reception of COUNT of CAVOUR, an evening in a piedmntese palace during the thrilling days of the union of Italy.
They have been prepared with loans of museums ,palace and private collections : the ball saloon ,the living room of the games of society ,the study of Cavour the dining room dedicated to the convivial moments with the French emperor Napoleon III, a boudoir for the beautiful Countess of Castiglione .The run of visit continued with emotion of a strolling through the avenue of the city and the old shops, a picture of the town what brig to the union ,a vivacious capital and dynamics with values and shared ideal for a future of liberty and progress for Italy. In some courtly rooms of the palace ,suppers as in the Risorgimento inspired to the favorite menus of the Count of Cavour.

May 2013 ”International Contest of Bouquet in Montecarlo” Appearance at the prestigious “International Contest of Bouquet”, beloved event from the Monegasque, created by Princess Grace .To be inspired at one of tradition of the family mise en place a centerpiece realized with needles of pine minced on stencil to created flowerbed and paths hemmed of in bloom vases and statues ,well “a garden on the table”. On the opening ,the Prince Albert of Monaco and S.A.R Caroline di Hannover have really appreciate the creation and the centerpiece ,out of contest ,even has aroused interest in many visitors .

November 30 –Dicember 1 2013:event in Carignano palace of a spectacular table dedicated to Mister Tulip and to the panettone in occasion of the exhibition “Una mole di panettone“.

July 23 –November 2017: A project of the event “Y KIMONO NOW-why Kimono today“at of Filatoio Rosso located in Caraglio (CN) with a extraordinary and original private collection of Kimono.