The Green house

The star of a zone separated of the English park, like a “secret garden, is the beautiful greenhouse, made in glass and iron by LEFEVRE brothers from Paris, and sort to build at the end of XIX centuries from Carlo Beraudo di Pralormo grandfather of the actual owner. Set to the thick castle wall, the green house, exposed to the south side in full side, despite to the rigid climate of piedmont winter, allowed to the countess Matilde to cultivate plants and flowers: citrus fruit, orchid and different exotic variety up to date at the end of the century. The greenhouse ,in October and in march turn him a winter garden ,with colored citrus fruit ,small plant of fruit and orchid, while on the counter of the greenhouse a collection of thorny plants, in front of the glass door, spend all the summer blooming with preciousness and rarity.

The greenhouse opens onto the garden, the seasonal flowering of the plants it was wanted by the Countess Matilde at the end of 1800. In 1500 the first garden was of roses, the garden has been taken care with passion by the women of the Beraudo di Pralormo and they are handed down by generation small secrets to transform leaves, flowers and berries into stupendous floral preparation.

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