Events hosted at the CASTLE

The ownerships take on a path of preservation from over 20 years started in the 90 years a run of exploitation of the park and the pertinences with an activity of temporary events that allowed a partial opening to the public and so the fruition of the park, of the Orangerie and the rural building Castellana.

The Castle hosting numerous courses and conferences, among which “the continuity of exist“, dedicated to the restoration and the maintenance of the historical garden and mansion.

The park has entertained the events: 1994 “Oranges and Lemons”; 1994 “The art to offer the the”; 1995 “La vie en rose”; 1996 “Fragile Fragilissimo”; 1997 “Maharaja ,INDIA at CASTEL of PRALORMO”; 1999 ”The curios traveler”; 2001 “HONG KONG, the isle of the nine dragons“.

Starting from spring 2000 the park of the CASTLE of PRALORMO opens every year in occasion of the event “MISTER TULIP “ what it recalls more than 50000 visitors in few weeks .After a long path of renovation ,from 2006 is opened to the public with a run inside of the castle ,already lived by the owner family .Every year the visit is animated from new events and matters.


▫ Event “Life for the country in preparation of the unit of Italy” with rare and unique objects and documents taken from the archives of the family they offer a section of the environment where Cavour were lived and about his collaborators.

▫ “The Greedy castle“ preparation of convivial moments to theme, the table of the Minister Carlo Beraudo di Pralormo with a magnificent service of porcelain from Wien; the chocolate of the Countess“, the “Lady’s the with a big samovar of the family, the child snack with delicious, small the set in porcelain, the “standstill of trip“ of the Ambassador among trunks trip desk and old luggage.

▫ “Children at the Castle“ a week end dedicated to a little ones with games, animation and diversions, to lived one day into the magic of the park.

Autumn 2012:

▫ “…In this way our grandparents played…” a very fun exhibition dedicated to a games what for four generation amused the children of the castle :games of ability and equilibrium but also trains and little furniture ,the doll of the Queen Elena…..besides for the children ,a area for games , animation and laboratory.

Autumn 2013:

▫ “Bricolady and Bricobaby“ an event to celebrate the 20 years of the School Italian of Bandera embroidery with an exhibition of ancient embroidery of Piedmont and the reconstruction of a tailoring of press area and the laundry with the (ash). Besides a game area for children a zone of linen market, with sale and exposure of crafted products and demonstration edited by artists and artisans.

Autumn 2014:

▫ “The child who telling the films”. At the end of the VII edition of the festival “enchanted”. The of castle of Pralormo hosted in the ancient theater of the eighteenth-century park the stage show free ”The child who telling the films”, performed by Assemblea Theater.

▫ “Secrets and Historical Menu at the Castle of Pralormo“. A dive in the past to the discovery of documents and ancient cookbooks and historical menu. In occasion of the last Sunday of opening of the Castle (before of the winter closing) the ancient barn of the big rural building La Castellana hosted an exhibition by theme the art of the table and the kitchen. Besides of a collection of historical menu (1860-1930), important cookbook have been exposed which are specifically part of the library of the castle, placed side by side by actual cookbooks that can freely skimmed trough. Furthermore two tables have also been prepared with one of kind china tableware yesterday s and today with equipments and tools from of kitchen very curious that represented the ancestor of the modern tools used by the modern chef and they belongs to the old kitchen of the castle.