The Classes: The Bandera embroideries

The bandera embroideries

It is a piedmontese embroidery that was born at the beginning of 700 century when the real dame Maria Giovanna Battista Di Savoia Nemours ,had became queen ,after the death of his husband Carlo Emanuele II.

The piedmontese aristocrats prepared their mansion dressing again couches and canopies, to welcome the Queen, with a piedmonts cloth called “Bandera“. It was a cotton of white color or ecru with a perforated plot tall 60 cm on which were embroidered floral frieze s and volutes Mythological tales draw like a baroque architecture, the embroidery thread was made out of wool twisted the favorite colors, they were the pink one the blue Savoy and the greens .The bunches of flowers were harmonious in the colors. The embroidering were different like: Punto catenella, for volutes and friezes, punto lanciato e punto risparmiato for the flowers. In the civic museum in Turin it is preserved a headboard of the real collections that describes the tale of Diana and Endimione, maybe from Venaria palace. The laboratory that had done for the Opera of Providence of Turin furnished the real house.

The tradition in 800 and in 900 was maintained by some piedmontese noblewoman for preserve this kind of “painting with a needle that is the bandera embroidery. In the ’60 the bandera was disappearing. Consolata Pralormo has founded in 1992 the Italian school of embroidery since was she maintain the tradition in the castle where the embroideries as done like in XVIII century.

The Italian School of Bandera embroidery of Consolata Pralormo proposes performed embroidery on cotton fabric color ivory in a twisted one ,in the colors of eighteen –century tradition ,still existing in Piedmont.
Different choices are available:
1) performed embroidery for headboard, bedspreads, pillows, slackers, stools of different sizes on order, in a lots of variation colors and drawings;
2) assembly kit with performed fabric for one pillow ,spun ,and the instructions for the execution;
3) assembly kit with a round and small stool or square with raw lining to be covered with fabric Bandera to embroidered.; the fabric is furnished with the instruction for the execution.

Our Classes

For the students are available classes of 5 hours in only day or in two days, alone with embroideress.
Classes of embroidery I level
Five hours .Historical origins of the bandera embroidery, types of fabric used, the point grass and the point chain applied to the drawings baroque of the Piedmont.
Classes of embroidery II level
5 hours .Improvement of the technique of bandera , learning the point launched point on loom ,essential for the execution of the floral subjects and for adorns of Baroque of Piedmont.
Class of embroidery III level
5 hours. Improvement applied to embroideries of fruit. Technique to the launched point embroidered all-round with shades.
Classes of embroidery IV level
5 hours. Execution of a garland with seven types of flowers and ribbon all to launched point. It deals with an embroidery of an elevated difficulty and with a technique detail of tones.
The classes are held in Turin, Via Bicocca,9 – Phone 39 011 884870.

Lessons by THEME

The feathers
In the old embroidery that are guarded in the archives of the Castle it wad discovered a new type of point that made part of Bandera. This point is used with the feathers, adorned and ribbons.
Three drawings of different difficulties and intonations of colors to be performed to launched point, adaptable for pillows, stools, fire place screen.
Inspired of an ancient drawing of the CASTLE of PRALORMO a different embroidery with the charm of the historic mansions : a baroque medallion with leaves and feathers with inside a blooming basket.
– bunch of roses with a baroque basket
– strip –panel with a group of roses and fruit held back with a framed ribbon adorned with feathers.
– Stupinigi Hunting Lodge: multicolor embroidery draw by a frame of a window.
– Castle of AGLIE: embroidery taken from a fresco of the ceiling made with 5 tones of blue Savoy color.
– RACCONIGI Castle: embroidery taken from a particular fresco of the Chinese living room.

If statements are exposed in show embroideries draw by the sketches from our archives it need to be write the school.

Classes are held in Turin, Via Bicocca,9 –phone 39 011 884870